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Sampling Fulfillment

Fulfillment is critical to a successful sampling program. But sampling fulfillment isn’t your expertise… it’s ours. You can maximize the impact of your sampling program through our cost-effective storage and order processing, real-time inventory, order status and tracking reports. Our integrated, proprietary systems provide you with business intelligence to help you focus on your customer and revenue, without having to worry about the nuts and bolts of fulfillment.

We understand that “same old” doesn’t cut it anymore. You are customer obsessed and need a like-minded partner to streamline your value chain, maximize efficiencies and deliver an exceptional experience. Redesign your customer experience with cost-effective, integrated fulfillment and program management solutions. We are a centralized multi-channel fulfillment solution that can handle your B2B distribution and eCommerce orders all in one shot.

With over 160 years of experience in sampling, we are the ideal extension of your business. Bundled with our unparalleled understanding of sampling industry needs and a customized offering, we provide you, and your customer, with an exceptional experience.  Our global footprint gives you access to low-cost solutions for your final assembly and kitting. Bundled with the ability to source and customize your components and products, you have a winning formula to give you a leg up on the competition. Samples are a powerful sales & marketing tool, but marketing dollars are not easy to come by.  Let us turn your swatches, memos, samples, literature, marketing giveaways and displays into qualified leads.

Do you struggle maintaining inventory of your samples? SI Fulfillment uses lean principals to right size and plan every part – ensuring your products are ready when needed. Visit our Resources page to read a case study on how we improved one clients inventory availability from 60% to 99.6% in a few months!

Finally, in addition to our comprehensive fulfillment services, we can also help you manage & update sampling books that are already in the market.  SI Fulfillment can prepare a comprehensive program for reworking inventory; removing old components and add updated ones to refresh your messaging in the market.

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