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Dimensional Weight Calculator

What is dimensional weight and why is it used? Dimensional weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. Shipping carriers implemented this to incorporate the size of a package into the pricing structure. All carriers base their rates on weight and distance (zones); so, a package will be weighed and then the dimension will be taken, whichever is “heavier” will be used to determine the shipping cost for a package.

Enter the dimensions of your box into the Dimensional Weight Calculator to better understand what could be impacting your shipping costs.

Can SI Fulfillment help? Absolutely! SI Fulfillment not only gets discounts off traditional weight pricing, but reductions in dimensional weight. GIVE US A CALL today to see how we can shave off some of your shipping costs and help manage your inventory.

If you want to know more details about dimensional weight and how to reduce its impact on your shipping costs, check out our blog – The scale says 5 lbs!

*The Dimensional Weight Calculator is for estimating purposes only. Rates will vary between carriers, locations and priority levels.


Partnering with a fulfillment business who understands dimensional weight and has negotiated discounts will drastically reduce the cost of your shipments.  Contact us to learn more about how SI Fulfillment can lower your total shipping costs.

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