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Fulfillment the Way You Want.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment / 3PL

Customized Kitting


St. Georges, Quebec, Canada Fulfillment & Manufacturing Site
Montreal, Canada Manufacturing Site
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Lead Fulfillment Center
Irvine, California, USA Company HQ & Fulfillment Site
Tijuana, Mexico Manufacturing, R&D Site
Dongguan, China Global Sourcing, R&D Site
Sydney, Australia Sales & Fulfillment Site

Scale your business,
we will handle the inventory and fulfillment.

Sales growth does not always align with the large investments needed for facility infrastructure and staffing to manage your own storage and fulfillment. Partnering with a fulfillment / 3PL company will allow you to meet short and long-term business growth with minimal investment.

Analytics to Boost Your BI.

Who is ordering? Where are your products selling? What is the current inventory? All questions answered in a couple clicks by using our proprietary reporting tools. Scale in a meaningful way.


We are a lean process & technology driven business that thrives on efficiency, accuracy, and a creative approach to the solutions we provide. You can expect seamless system integration, live inventory and order status, high density storage, automation, and the best carrier rates available.


Let us handle all the headaches of managing inbound freight, warehousing, order processing, and final shipment to your customers…allowing you to free up resources needed to focus on and grow your business!


Does your business require special handling, kitting, or packaging? SI Fulfillment’s flexible product offering allows simple, low-risk entry into the market. We pride ourselves on agility and customization of customer programs – no challenge is too large, and we will navigate towards an ideal solution.

The SI Fulfillment Advantage.

Make fulfillment easy, accessible and seamless! You’ve launched and invested in an exceptional customer experience for your products and samples; don’t trip on the last hurdle. We will develop a warehousing and fulfillment program to provide an excellent customer experience for you and your clients. Let us handle all the headaches of managing inbound freight, warehousing, order processing, and final shipment to your customers…freeing up resources needed to focus on and grow your business.

Increase your reach, not your costs.

We tailor a fulfillment program around your needs to make sure you maximize margin and customer experience. Accurate order processing, quick turnarounds, low freight costs and system integration will quickly become the foundation of your success.

8 Common Fulfillment Issues

e-Commerce Businesses Encounter.

Everyday e-commerce businesses suffer from at least one of some very common fulfillment issues. SI Fulfillment’s end-to-end solutions close the gaps that are slowing growth and causing pain points for e-commerce businesses.

Isn’t it time to hand over your fulfillment to an expert so you can focus on the growth of your business?